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People who receive fabric hugs (quilts) & dream enhancers (pillowcases)
Dear Quiltworks, my name is Roxane Roberts, I still reside at Veterans Commons 150 Otis St. San Francisco, CA. 94103-1221. After 23 months here, I would like to Thank You again, the Boss; Ms. Monique Crossley blessed me with another quilt. I'm writing to Thank You All Once Again!
Roxane R. #311 8-4-14

Just wanted to send a picture of my 4year old daughter Annalyn with two of your dream enhancers :-) She is 5 days post open-heart surgery at UCSF and I can't tell you how much these pillow cases have brightened her room and her spirits. Thank you for sharing your talents and your time ! ♥ ♥ ♥ Lisa R. 7-12-14

I am a Vietnam-era veteran; I live at Veterans Commons 150 Otis St. in S.F. I'm writing to say Thanx so much for the fabric hug & the Dream Enhancer. Sincerely, Roxane

Thank you very much for the brand new quilt i received at the veterans commons...i love it! - Bill

Hi Linda, I have been trying to find the right words to say thanks since Saturday's event, and I am still speechless. There are NO words to express our gratitude for all you did so unselfishly to bring such joy to the families and the children in the foster care system. The sweatshirts were a big hit and the personalized pillow cases (WOW) were unheard of. We had children coming asking if they can get one more. The personal notes in the pillow cases lit up the faces of the children, they felt you knew who they were and made it just from them. The Human Services Agency Assessment Canter is the first point of entry into the foster care system. All kids 0 yrs to 18yrs old are brought to the Assessment Center to be assessed and placed into the foster care system. Can you imagine the joy of getting your own pillow case to take with you when you leave there? This was to be a short thank you note, and I am going to leave it at that, since we will be meeting first of the year to continue our partnership conversation. Linda, from my heart, Thank You!. Please be safe and have a Happy Holiday Season.
 Much Love! Arlene; Family & Children Services Care Providers Liaison

Dear Linda,
On behalf of everyone at Leland House, allow me to express our gratitude for the generous donation of 45 handmade quilts and pillow cases this Christmas. This surprise was the highlight of our holiday season. Leland House serves low-income disables adults, and your gift has improved the appearance of our entire house. We cannot thank you enough. 

 Daniel S. 
 Activities Coordinator
 Leland House/Catholic Charities 

Dear Mrs. Hannawalt,
I want to express my sincerest gratitude for the kindness and commitment that you have given the foster youth in San Francisco County. I would like to personally thank you for the generous donations that you have given to the 800 youth in our foster care system. Items such as embroidered shirts, sweatshirts, quilts,pillow cases, duffle bag birthday gifts, and the opening of the store that provides the necessities for youth to live on their own are greatly appreciated by our youth, foster parents and staff. You have consistently donated clothing and other items for youth and young adults to our agency on behalf of foster youth since 2013. It is people like you who make a positive difference in these lives. Everything that you have done is greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again in 2016

 Sophia I. M.S.W
 SF HSA Program Director 

We in volunteer Services and Laguna Honda Hospital, once again want to thank you all for your diligent and your caring donations of approximately 110 hand0made quilts. As you know our residents are struggling with not only their fragile health but their financial resources as well. Your annual donation of lap blankets has made a huge difference in the lives of the elderly at Laguna Honda. Beside them being beautiful and bringing pride to our residents, they are also very useful and comforting to our residents. One resident said she was so looking forward to getting a blanket this year after she saw her neighbor with one the past couple months. Your kindness and artistry are much appreciated by our residents and the hospital.

 Jan Doyle 
 Volunteer Coordinator
 Laguna Honda Hospital

Supporting Education

QuiltWorks been an invaluable resource for me both personally and professionally. From QuiltWorks, I learned about making pillowcases for children undergoing chemotherapy. As a teacher I thought it would be a great after school outreach project for my 4th and 5th grade special education students. Linda enthusiastically embraced the idea and provided me with a sewing machine and pre-cut pillowcase kits. When I mentioned that many of the pillowcase kits were not appealing to the boys, she quickly assembled kits more appealing to boys.

The students enjoyed the challenge of pinning and sewing each pillowcase and for everyone it was the first time they had ever used a sewing machine. While any new activity can be challenging, for some of the students this was especially true as one student had a severe visual impairment and others were either ADD or ADHD. The ability of each student to use the machine also varied greatly with some needing only minimal oversight by me to others who only operated the presser foot while I guided the fabric through the machine. No matter what, all were excited by the finished product.

As this school year began I was not sure what response there would be towards the pillowcases. I was wonderfully surprised by the number of students wanting to know when they could start sewing again. I was also surprised by the former 3rd graders (now 4th graders) who want to know when they can start sewing. I am hoping to recruit more adult volunteers so that more students can become involved. While it is the students who do the pinning and sewing, without Linda (and her many volunteers) I could not do this outreach. It would be difficult for me to purchase, wash, and pre-cut the fabric. Thank you for making it so easy!

Susan C.
Special Education Teacher, Skyline Elementary School (SSFUSD)

Quilt Finishing

THANK YOU for the beautiful quilting on my disabled women of color quilt. It made a big splash at the American Historians conference. Your high quality shows through in every stitch. Your quick work on this complicated quilt (tons of small pieces) is very much appreciated. - Corbett