Supporting Education

QuiltWorks partners with schools to help the school achieve a particular goal - be it help make a quilt for auction, make quilts for children of a graduation class or however a school might need QuiltWorks. If your school is interested in partnering with us, please email us at

The Serra Preschool
woman sewing at a sewing machine
A group of mothers from The Serra Preschool, a non-profit preschool in San Francisco, are busy making a quilt for an auction to raise funds for the school. While they have never quilted before, they are taking to it fast. They are spending their weekends working on the quilt at QuiltWorks in order to finish the project by March 15.

Update - the quilt was a big hit at the auction, raising over $1000!

Mission Kids Co-op Preschool

Mission Kids Co-op made two quilts for their auction. Lisa, a parent at Mission Kids describes how the auction went - "The auction went great! The quilts were the best sellers by far! One went for over $700 and the other went for almost $600. These did better than even the vacation homes that we're being auctioned and were a major contributor to the total $12,000 we generated that day! I even bid on one but lost :( Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your help and support. Please let me know if I, or the Mission Kids community can help support you in any way!"
Mission Kids Coop Quilt