Production of Hand Crafted Items for Those in Need
  • To recruit and train volunteers to make and distribute handcrafted quilts each year for Bay Area newborns, children, homeless families, seniors, wheelchair patients and veterans.
  • To recruit and train volunteers to make pillowcases for children with lifethreatening diseases, people of all ages with AIDS, and children and families in homeless shelters.
  • To provide transport wheelchair bags, holiday stockings, and sewing projects as requested. 
  • Adding beauty and cheer to these individuals lives.
Services to Low-Income, Unemployed/Underemployed, Youth and Senior Communities
  • To provides skills that will allow volunteers and clients to earn money from the sale of their handcrafted items.
  • To provide training on how to market and sell their handcrafted items.
  • To provide affordable materials for manufacturing of these handcrafted item.
  • To provide a retail job-training program.
Educational Opportunities to Public School Teachers and Students of all ages
  • Provide training and materials to teachers and students not currently available in the Bay Area public schools to learn how to create handcrafted items.
  • Provide adult education and materials for sewing, quilting and the creation of handcrafted items not currently available in Bay Area adult education programs.
Collaboration with Other Non-Profits and Faith-Based Organizations
  • Collaborate with other non-profits and faith-based organizations to set up programs as requested and provide sewing services as needed.
  • To partner with one International non-profit each year on a project.

Community Building
  • Bring together people from diverse backgrounds, ages, classes, and ethnicities to foster community through the vehicle of sewing, quilting and other handcrafted items.