Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters who helped us make miracles for so many years. Quiltworks and Thriftstitch are closed and no longer exist on Bayshore Blvd. But our mission continues in spirit with our incredible volunteers expanding their time and skills supporting a variety of wonderful agencies serving our Bay Area neighbors.

Our founder, Linda Hannawalt is creating new miracles at her new quilt shop:

San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan
1005 B Carnaval , Centro
Mazatlan, Sinaloa
Mexico. 8200

She also has a Bed & Breakfast just two blocks from her Shop. If you ever have a chance come visit the shop and the bed and breakfast in Mazatlan. It is a great place to visit for retreats or just with your favorite quilting friends. Check it out on the website for more info.

March 29 & 30, 2019 will be first Mazatlan International Quilt Festival. This festival will feature 300 quilts, vendors, classes and demonstrations of quilt making. The first of this type in Mexico. We hope you will check out our Facebook page and website and consider entering a quilt or even attending.

We hope to attract quilt enthusiasts from all over Mexico, Canada and the US.
That means you too!!!

What a difference one piece of paper makes………


            It can change your life forever!!!!!


We all know a marriage certificate or a death certificate can have that level of power, BUT how could we be prepared for a simple letter from the bank you have had your non-profit account with since January of 2011, shut down everything!!!

Bank of America selects accounts for updating information at random.  They sent us a letter we never received stating they want us to update our information.  We did not respond.


They sent us a letter on Oct. 30, the day I left for Mexico stating that if we do not respond in 21 days, they will close our account.  Jay thinking it was my personal banking, did not open this letter.  That we are guilty of.  In any case, I go online to manage our business as I do and "ACCOUNT CLOSED". 


I tried everything I could to enter the account and see what was going on and then the bank froze all of the accounts because someone was attempting to breach our account from out of the country.   That was ME!


So I needed to come home and straighten this out.  All of our Visa charges and square charges n November went into cyber space.  All of our payments for the phones, electricity, alarm are on auto pay.  Yes, that is why the phones are shut off , not because we did not have money to pay them.  Our account was closed, funds removed.  DAMN.  It is a mess.


I arrived on Sunday, Dec. 10, late and on Monday morning went by store got the checkbook and went to the BofA  where I opened the account.  I needed answers and help.  After hours they told me they could not help me unless I gave them the control number in the letter. 




So I went through all the mail and did find the letter dated Oct. 30 that warns if it is not answered in 21 days, the account is closed. 


Now we had $2336.38 in the account, checks written and cashed and deposits so we clearly were active.  Since the day we opened the account we have NEVER been overdrawn or bounced a check, so we are good customers.  That just doesn't count.


The bank sent out a check for the $2336.38 to San Francisco Sewing and Quilting Collaborative, Inc.  Our original name.  As you all know we shortened that to QuiltWorks with a DBA (doing business as) because no one could remember the original name and it was toooooooo long.


So when I returned to the bank on Wednesday to straighten out the situation but the second letter did not have a control number.  After several hours again, we finally were able to use our EIN number (our IRS number) to get to the person who required an update.  They update had NO new information and here is the best part……


She said she was sorry but we were one day to late to reopen our account.  WHAT???

I was here two days ago. 


After two more hours, the bank manager and TEARS….they said come back tomorrow with all of your Articles of Incorporation and Fictitious Name Statements information and we will open a new account.


I spent hours looking for all of that information that originally was in my home office, which is GONE.  Where is it exactly?  I don't know.  Can be in Mexico in a box I have not unpacked yet, or in storage or a box somewhere in the garage.  Don't know.

Jay and I spent hours and we tried to find that original information but could not.


I will have to go to the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento and get a copy of the Articles with the official SEAL from California and then I can get copies of Ficticious Name Statements from the City.  I did not have the time required on this trip so I must return the first week in January and handle this.


In the meantime they finally allowed me to open a simple checking account for SFSQC,INC because they agreed they must have reviewed our information at the original opening date and we have been a solid account for 7 years. 


Thursday at 4:30, after two more hours, we opened a new account with the check BofA sent us with our money to put into the new account.  BUT, she said they may have to put a hold on the funds………. I had no words.  I am so done.


I just wanted to let you all know how just one missing letter can shut us down.  We held a Board meeting to discuss the situation.  We also have had very little sales in the last few months.  So we would likely have come to this decision about ThriftStitch but wuld have appreciated not having our phones shut off and all other accounts.


     The Board voted and we all agree….we will close   THRIFTSTITCH but QuiltWorks and it's mission will continue.      Bank of America can close our account, but they cannot close our mission and good work!!!!!!


We are currently working out the details but we will leave three long arm machines in San Francisco location and we are negotiating with SIPS N SEWS to strengthen our relationship and use their address as our "brick and mortar" location. 


We will continue to provide kits, have two drop off and pick up locations and provide to the many organizations we have supported all these years.  We will maintain all of our wholesale accounts to be able to provide batting and cotton to the many non-profit agencies we currently support.



There will be no major sale, all of our supplies will be used to support our programs and other non-profit agencies, as we always have!!!!!!!  But ThriftStitch will close in January.


We will have, just good prices on excellent fabric…


Our last week for ThriftStitch to be open to the public will be next  week -


Thurs., Dec. 21 and Fri., Dec. 22 and Sat., Dec. 23.


Our Hours   12 - 5  Can't call us so just come, we are there.


If you have any tops, pillowcases, stockings, etc.  Please drop off at ThriftStitch on the dates above.  We will have new information on pick up and drop off locations starting January 2018. 


We will donate fabric not sold and supplies to several agencies we have supported:


My New Red Shoes

Homeless Prenatal Sewing Program

St. Anthonly Stitchers and their groups.

Donna Bauchman's group in Sonoma

Ryan's Smiles

Quilts of Valor

Ruthie's Adult Sewing program at Jefferson School


If you have a request and are not on the above list, please submit it to:


We will make up kits for pillowcases for Family House, they give away 200 a month.   We are their only source at this time for pillowcases and quilts.


    QuiltWorks will still need all of your wonderful volunteer    efforts and many people in need depend on YOU and US!


I will return in January and we will have a lovely good bye party. Hold the date…..


    Saturday, January 6

  More information to follow.



Have a wonderful Holiday Season all of you.


Cinderella, her new sister Isabella, (another rescue) and I will be in sunny Mexico with friends.  It has been an honor to work with all of you.


Come and visit us!!!!!!


Long Arm Quilting

We are no longer able to do  long arm quilting at QuiltWorks 

for clients, some long arm quilters that we recommend are:

Dahlia in So. San Francisco     650-922-9009

Laura Lee Fritz in Sonoma    415-320-4369

Sue Fox in Berkeley Fox Dreams Quilting and Designs


Several folks use Always Quilting  and many send their quilt 

tops to the valley or out of state.  Ask your quilting friends 

where they send their long arm work and get a 


We will be doing long arm quilting as an income source for 

the ladies in Mazatlan.  They are working on the two long 

arm machines we have in Mazatlan and our rates are very 

competitive.  70% of the money earned doing the long arm

 quilting, goes to the ladies directly.  The other 30% goes to 

the rent of the shop.  If you are interested in more 

information, we will post it.  Linda will take your tops and 

backs to Mexico and return your quilts.  Binding services are 

available also.

Why  we  established  ThriftStitch?


When we established San Francisco Sewing & Quilting Collaborative, Inc. in January 2011, we also established a boutique to sell donated items as a funding source to raise money to bring our programs to SF bay area Community.  


In 2012, we converted the boutique into a fabric store.  With the closing of three California quilt stores in a two week period, (Napa, Hollister and Brentwood), Linda purchased hundreds of bolts of fabric quality quilting fabric. Since our programs require thousands of yards of cotton each year, we always sought ways to stretch our dollars.  Presto - The boutique area was converted to a fabric store.


At this time, we re-branded our name, from one that no one could remember, to ThriftStitch – our fabric store and QuiltWorks – our quilting studio.


The funds raised at ThriftStitch and QuiltWorks were solely to provide funds for our programs.  We were established as a volunteer run non-profit and to help raise funds necessary to demonstrate public support.  Over the years we worked with several programs to have interns working in our store to help establish consistent hours and sales.  This proved not to be a fit for us. 


ThriftStitch has also enabled us to establish wholesale relationships with major fabric brands.  We are able to purchase at wholesale, stretching our dollars.  As a store, we pay sales taxes, as every store does on our sales.   


All fees earned by quilting were considered donations to the non-profit as well.


At the same time, we are able to provide wholesale priced fabric to other non-profits and schools, such as Women’s Resource Center, Quilts of Valor, and an additional variety of schools and non-profits through out the bay area seeking donations of fabric, quilts or pillowcases as requested.


We provide fabric regularly to many groups we collaborate with such as the St. Anthony Stitchers, Homeless Prenatal Program, Pacifica Quilt Guild, Ryan’s Smiles, and others. 


What  is  the  role of  ThriftStitch  today?


ThriftStitch Fabric Sales are fundraisers for QuiltWorks Collaborative.  When you purchase fabric at ThriftStitch, you are helping support our programs, provide fabric and items to those in need in our community.  You are shopping with a purpose.


ThriftStitch is a location we “drop-off” of finished items and a location for “pick-up” of kits to make those items we provide to our community. 


Our goal is to hold a three-day fundraiser fabric sale each 4 – 6 weeks.  They will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, hopefully to include everyone’s schedules to come and shop.


Our first fundraising sale will be held 12 – 5pm on

Thursday, June 1 

Friday, June 2 

Sat. , June 3

Flyer to follow………….


For many San Franciscans with limited area to do their volunteer work, it has also provided a space to gather with other volunteers and make items for our community.  ThriftStitch, located at 2189 Bayshore Blvd., #102, San Francsico, CA  94134 is our corporate headquarters office.


We receive our mail at this address, and maintain our telephone and answering service at this address.  This is our official office.


Please note, new hours:


As of June 2017, ThriftStitch will be open on Thursdays for volunteer work,

 shopping, picking up and dropping off each week.  Our hours will be 12 – 5.  

We are available by appointment for the volunteers as requested.  Please contact if you need to make arrangements to meet at the shop with 

our assistant treasurer, Jay Sagan.


This week I plan on calling each of our major key volunteers to discuss how we can support you, supporting us.  Looking forward to talking with several of you.

2189 Bayshore Blvd.   Suite 102,   San Francisco, CA  415-656-1607


The QuiltWorks Collaborative is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the joys of sewing and quilting and delivering beautiful, handcrafted quilts to comfort those in need. The collaborative operates through three unique programs:

a full-service sewing and quilting studio
a one-of-a-kind discount fabric thrift store 
FABSF logoA virtual boutique offering over 100 quilts for sale  supporting
QuiltWorks Closet. 

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