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Pillowcase Counting

posted Apr 29, 2013, 9:43 PM by Linda Hannawalt
Thank you to so many volunteers who showed up before and during this past weekend. You brought soups, breads, salads and drinks, made pillowcases, ironed fabric, made kits and had a really good time. By Sunday night at 8pm when Alice left our total count is 292 finished pillowcases, 106 kits made up totaling 398. Don't worry, we will continue to iron, cut and package the remainding pre-washed fabric for 102 more kits to meet our Goal of 500 pillowcases or kits for ConKerr Foundation by this Friday! Great Team Effort! Thank You! Don't worry you don't have to wait for next year to make more, QuiltWorks will do100 pillowcases for Koret Family House the first Sunday of each month. Now that you are trained, stop on by!