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From one Quilter to another...........

I know I stated that I personally am moving to Mexico not QuiltWorks, but there is serious information and warning for all quilters who may have a vision of coming to any location in Mexico, so let me share some challenges...

As you may know, I seperated shipping the fabrics and the machines to Mazatlan into two shippments.  Jay and I drove a 16 foot truck to Nogales where we met a shipping expert at his warehouse.  After a difficult 19 hour drive, we arrived.  The very first thing they told us was we could ship the machines, two long arm machines, two Juki machines, 12 sewing machines but....NO FABRIC and nothing we brought with us that was mainly wood.  The professional table I bought 5 ft. by 12 ft. NO

The special sample fabric shelf, (formerly from Black Cat Quilts) NO.  ON and On.......Exhausted, I said no problem.  We brought 20 bolts of batting and two sample documented fabrics to see how it was to work with the customs.......well, you guessed it, NO FABRIC at all.  It takes a very special customs broker, you then need to make an appointment to meet him and possibly, they will allow you to ship.  So we got a storage unit in Nogales for batting, fabrics and anything with wood.  Do not bring wood to Mexico.

Machines on their way at last, we flew to Mazatlan and then Jay flew home to SF and I went on to meet the household shipment due August 8.  Only to be told, your shipment is in Customs, it could be 2 to 10 days. Given my luck, I prepared for 10 days.  It was good as there was work to do in both my home and the store to prepare for the items.   I got busy........

On day 9 of waiting, I received a call from Mexican Representative of my moving company to inform me that they needed to remove the 28 boxes of Fabric from my personal shipment.  It was not used.  Either I removed the 28 boxes, or return my items to San Francisco.  My items had been approved by the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco, and the moving company sent my list of documented items to Mexico City for pre-approval prior to shipping.  None of that mattered. Now I have 28 boxes of fabric, my personal stash to create a new heaven in Mazatlan, in storage in Laredo, Texas.

My remaining items were delivered over three days with three men, minus FABRIC.  How can anyone who knows a quilter, think that is a complete shipment??????   We will work on the boxes when I return next week.

I share this to warn anyone, do not try to bring wood across the border, it will be taken out. It will not pass customs, it is forbidden and so is cotton fabric and batting evidently.  I am not sure how to get the fabric I have designated for the new store into Mexico, but I am working on it.  Somehow flying it in seems to be OK.  Damn what a challenge.  As soon as I solve this challenge, I will pass the solution along.

So whatever our quilting and fabric challenges are in San Francisco or Bay Area.....they are more workable than you thought.  Next time your Guild, Church, Neighbors, School needs some of these items; you can just give them.  No one will tell you NO.  So rejoice and give it up!

Jay is flying down this weekend to set up the machines with the ladies and some helpers.  I will fly home on Sunday with him.  Be back soon………
Can't wait!  We will celebrate with a huge sale.....Hope to see many of you then.

-Linda, “The Quilt Lady”

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