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Today, Nancy & Sheila brought us 8 baby quilts  they quilted on the Tin Lizzie at Nancy’s house now….
35 pillowcases, receiving blankets and took time to shop in ThriftStitch…

5 Star Volunteers!!   Thank you both

Be Safe on the 4th all you firecrackers!

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I know why there are no quilt shops in Mexico………

No one in his or her right mind would go through all of this paperwork….

So of course, this quilter and bonified crazy woman will do it!  But could use a little help, actually, a lot of help.

We thought we were ready and have shrink wrapped over 600 bolts to go to Mexico…well, we were wrong……

We have to unwrap all of that….and identify each and every fabric with each invoice we have and provide a swatch of each fabric on the invoice and identify what country the fabric was made in,  for customs.  

We will first pay the 16% sales tax in advance on everything.  Then we will have to pay an additional 10% to 30% compensatory tax on every dollar value for the machines and fabric if not made in Canada or US.  

Good news is that all 20 bolts of batting was Made in America.  We only have to pay the 16% sales tax in advance.  (who knew that would look like a bargain???)

Most of our blenders were made in American,  Yea!  That will represent about 10% of what we plan to take.  So now we have to identify and take swatches for the other 90% or about 550 Bolts!   

I have set up a system and we are beginning the process today.  If anyone has a little time to come help with this crazy but necessary task, please come on by for a fun time.

Thursday,  we will be doing this from 10 am to 8 pm  (Pizza after 6pm)

Friday, we will begin at 10 am until 8 pm again. (Chinese food after 6pm)

Saturday  10 am to 6pm  

Sunday   10 am to 6pm.  I will be teaching a class but we will still have this going on under Jay’s supervision.  There is still room in the class by the way……

ThriftStitch will be open all four days.

I know this is an incredible amount of work, but if you could just see how very excited the Pro Mexico women are to know they are part of the first quilt shop in Mazatlan and perhaps Mexico.  We will bring a new industry of long arm quilting for them to earn money for their families.  

It makes a little sense as to why I am so determined to help make this happen.  But HOLY COW!  Do they have to make such a challenge??????

Special Class:   $25 supply list provided with paid registration.  Class limited to 10


Bargello Quilt Technique

with Linda Hannawalt

Sunday, July 24       10:30 – 4:30


2189 Bayshore Blvd.   Suite 102,   San Francisco, CA  415-656-1607


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