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Open for shopping and volunteering
Thursday-Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 10am-4pm


Halloween Fabric 50% off!!!

Christmas Fabric 40% off!!!


20% off Every day for all Guild Members and for our QuiltWorks Volunteers!!!!

2189 Bayshore Blvd.   Suite 102,   San Francisco, CA  415-656-1607


The QuiltWorks Collaborative is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the joys of sewing and quilting and delivering beautiful, handcrafted quilts to comfort those in need. The collaborative operates through three unique programs:

a full-service sewing and quilting studio
a one-of-a-kind discount fabric thrift store 
FABSF logoA virtual boutique offering over 100 quilts for sale  supporting
QuiltWorks Closet. 


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