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The Power of Shared Vision – The Art of Gathering Together….

Our power as individuals is multiplied when we gather together focused on common goals and shared visions.  The collective strength far outdistances the reach of the individual.  As individuals we lose nothing, we are only enhanced.

I Ching Hexagram #45

Last Tuesday, Dahlia and I went to the ARC – Friends Like Me, “Stitch & Bitch” program to teach quilting.  It was a very special TEAMWORK day.  Many of the intellectually and physically challenged adults in wheelchairs power the foot pedal with their hands.  So it takes a friend to guide the sewing. This process works best, one on one.  Dahlia and Sharon started one quilt top and Maggie and I made the other one.  I finished the top with Maggie’s permission, Christy quilted it and Delores did the binding.    

Teamwork. (Finished quilt below.)

It was extremely rewarding to make a wheelchair quilt with the participant who will use and enjoy it.  .  One of the biggest smiles I have ever seen.  From time to time we will go to ARC on Tuesdays and work with more of their participants.  We will let you know if anyone would like to participate in this program.

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