Not just the best prices, but the best of everything!

Special Sale

All Halloween cotton fabrics are 50% off

We found Halloween panels while packing

for Mexico trip…....

All Halloween Panels   $3

Christmas flannels are here

All Flannels are $5 a yard

Store and volunteer hours this week:

Thursday      12 – 5

Friday            12  5

Saturday       12  5

Upcoming Classes

Sewing with Curves

September 24 - 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Fee: $25

Thank you to all the generous individuals and sewing groups that have donated to provide sewing machines to girls in Africa.  We have enough for 12 machines!!!  Wow.  
So new goal Is  15!!!!!  
We have lots of scissors, buttons, sequins, tape measures and sewing tools.  They will be thrilled.

I will send photos when I present them.  

THANK YOU to all.

We have lots of containers and sheds to give away.

If you know of a school or a non-profit that could benefit using some of these items, please let them know they are available to pick up Wednesday through Friday of this week.   11 - 4

Or call us at 510-760-4817
To make arrangements to pick up.

Items not reserved will  go to SCRAP or ??????

Everything must go!!! From the condo I will sell,  201.  

Fall Fashion Give-a-way for the SF Foster Youth

Thanks to so many of your contributions for our SF Foster Youth and our matching funds donor ,we are able to provide each and every SF Foster child with at least three new clothing items.  Originally we were doing a “birthday bag” but that was a great idea that did not work.    Are we discouraged, NO.  We simply found a more productive way to deliver all the items to the SF Social Workers so that they can deliver to our Foster Youth.  Quilters always find a way to get it done!!!!!!!

We will bring the items to the office of San Francisco Human Resources at 170 Otis Street in the month of October.

We have  separated our items into three categories and have three different times for the delivery:


New borns to age three                Tuesday, Oct. 4  

Ages four thru twelve                   Wed., Oct. 19 & Thurs. Oct. 20

All the teens (approx. 52%)        Wed., Oct. 26 & Thurs. Oct. 27

We are collaborating with the leadership of the social workers and have reserved rooms at their facility for this distribution.


We will be emptying out FAB and having all the items delivered in their duffle bags to the SF Foster Youth..  YEA!!!!

Yes, we will continue to support the newborns and babies born to SF  Foster Youth.  We will continue to make the quilts, receiving blankets and burp cloths.  Those are so popular.

And yes, we will continue to support the SF Foster Youth that age out of the system and are beginning a new life with a support package of bedding, toiletries and a selection of small appliances.  This also has proved to be very successful.

And yes, we are providing pillowcases to the family house for children with life threatening diseases.

And yes we are still doing wheelchair quilts.

We will provide from time to time items for the Holidays but we will not collect school clothes at the level we have for the past two years.

We will be turning over the FAB facility to our friends at Designing a Difference and they are planning on a manufacturing space to teach and employ young at risk youth. 

All of our quilts for sale will now be housed in QuiltWorks and yes we will have area for volunteers to continue to support our programs.

And YES, ThriftStich remains open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

From 12 – 5.

If you have receiving blankets please bring them to us for our Oct. 4 delivery. 

Thanks for all of your support on behalf of our programs…….

Hope to see you soon!!!!!!

2189 Bayshore Blvd.   Suite 102,   San Francisco, CA  415-656-1607


The QuiltWorks Collaborative is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the joys of sewing and quilting and delivering beautiful, handcrafted quilts to comfort those in need. The collaborative operates through three unique programs:

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