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QuiltWorks is a volunteer run non-profit. There are no paid employees. We have new hours as of November 7.

Please Check the calendar for hours of operation. 

Volunteers are always welcome during these hours and shopping in ThriftStitch is limited to our open hours of operation. 

Not just the best prices, but the best of everything!

We have a large selection of quilting fabrics. New Arrivals each Week

Thank you for supporting QuiltWorks and our programs!

QuiltWorks Board of Directors

2189 Bayshore Blvd.   Suite 102,   San Francisco, CA  415-656-1607 


The QuiltWorks Collaborative is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the joys of sewing and quilting and delivering beautiful, handcrafted quilts to comfort those in need. The collaborative operates through three unique programs:

a full-service sewing and quilting studio
a one-of-a-kind discount fabric thrift store 
FABSF logo
a fabulous fiber arts boutique and gallery


2014 Goals


·         To strengthen our collaboration with agencies we currently support.

·         To develop our FAB Friday Trunk Shows each month.

·         To increase our training of QuiltWorks volunteers to provide QuiltWorks goals.

·         To establish our job training program with New Door Foundation.

·         To establish our “mini-retreat” programs with well-known quilt artists.

·         To establish our clothing and sewing programs here at QuiltWorks.

·         To increase our after-school programs in SF Schools and here at QuiltWorks.

·         To increase our collaboration and support with SF youth in the Foster Care system, especially
         those “aging out” and on their own.

·         To increase our collaboration and support with SF individuals and families in transition to 
         permanent housing.

·        To partner with one International non-profit each year on a project

We can only meet our goals through the efforts of volunteers. Consider becoming a volunteer!