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Tragedy has occurred - Someone stole my 22 ft. moving truck.


Please take a minute and read this……..


As many of you know we had finally found a solution to bringing cotton fabric to our sister shop - San Francisco Quilt Shop in Mazatlan.  A plan was made to coordinate a truck from Nogales and a truck from San Francisco filled with items and load into one container to ship.   Approx. 1500 bolts of cotton fabric would finally get to Mexico.


When I purchased the contents of the shop in Marin and restocked ThriftStitch, I pulled approximately 6000 yards of cotton quilting fabric from ThriftStitch to make room for the new to ThriftStitch inventory.  The plan was to take the fabric from ThriftStitch to Mexico.  We had done that.  62 boxes were packed and ready to load.


In addition, I have been packing "Heaven" my personal stash of fabric housed in my personal studio the fourth floor of my condo.  We had packed over 30 larger boxes of silks, rare batiks, and all the fabrics I truly wanted to make quilts with.  In those boxes were all my UFO's the most treasured fabrics from Africa, Thailand, Italy, Egypt, and Hong Kong and all over the world when we traveled; I have been saving many of these for over 10 years.   It was a legendary and very special collection.


Since I am adding two more bedrooms to complete the QuiltLady Bed and Breakfast in Mazatlan, I also packed up several personal major art items, rugs and furniture to compliment the furnishing of the new Bed and Breakfast project.


We have been packing for over a month and finished up packed everything we could on Saturday and rented our truck on Sunday morning about 11am. 


We loaded as much as we could on Sunday and noticed there was a 7000-pound limit of a load for this size truck.   Fabric is heavy.  We decided to wait for the last few items on Monday afternoon to assess what needed to go for certain in the 7000 pounds limit.


At approx. 3pm on Sunday afternoon we locked up the 22-foot Penske yellow truck and frankly I went upstairs and went to sleep!!!!  I was exhausted and so were those that helped all weekend.  I woke up later and went to bed and slept thru the night.


At 10am on Monday, Jay texted me - "Just drove by and the truck is not there!  I have the only keys, what happened????"


I ran to the window to discover no truck.  I called the police to see if they tow a truck for street cleaning and they said occasionally they do.  I needed the license plate and VIN # for them to locate it in their system if it was indeed towed by SF Police Dept. 


Paperwork was in the truck (mistake).  I called Penske to notify them it was missing and they finally emailed all the registration information within the hour on the truck for me to provide to the police.


Unfortunately, the police had not towed it.  It was officially stolen!!!!!!  GONE!!!!!!


I took all the information I had and went to the Police Station to file a report.


I then went to AAA my insurance company to see if my personal property was insured just outside of my condo?  One of those technicalities but discovered yes, my personal property is covered during a move. 


Do I have an itemized list?  And supporting documentation.  Wow that will take some doing, but it is what I have to now do for the next month. 


I am asking for your help PLEASE.


Since our mailing list covers a large area from Sacramento to Petaluma to San Jose and beyond, please let us know if you hear of any major new cotton fabric sales, especially on the bolts that are unusual.  Like swap meets or I am not really sure how they would sell all of this new fabric?????  The bolts were packed in U Haul boxes.  Approx. 15+ bolts to a box. 


If you hear of or find such an unusual sale of large amounts of quilting cotton on bolts or about 20% of the boxes were loose cuts of fabric, please notify me.  Take a photo if you are able to do so and forward to us at  We will forward to the police and authorities investigating the theft.


I am still in shock and truly sad that this tragedy has happened.  All we wanted to ever do is make life better for families in Mexico.  Damn!!!!

The thieves will not even understand the value of half finished art projects

and rare unavailable cotton fabrics.  


My Ansel Adams signed poster was in that truck.  I can buy another poster, but he is no longer here to sign it.  "Items" like that.  One of the new bedrooms was going to be the Ansel Adams room.  That only means something to me, no major value.  Just Damn!!!!


Really good news is no one was hurt in the robbery.  They just want my stuff.


I am back in Mexico right now but will return approx. July 26th.


Items left in San Francisco were going to be sold.  I may have to rethink a few of those items, they may now be treasures……….


Thank you for taking time to read this and for keeping your eyes and ears open to information that may help us find the thieves.


Linda Hannawalt


Long Arm Quilting

We are no longer able to do  long arm quilting at QuiltWorks 

for clients, some long arm quilters that we recommend are:

Dahlia in So. San Francisco     650-922-9009

Laura Lee Fritz in Sonoma    415-320-4369

Sue Fox in Berkeley Fox Dreams Quilting and Designs


Several folks use Always Quilting  and many send their quilt 

tops to the valley or out of state.  Ask your quilting friends 

where they send their long arm work and get a 


We will be doing long arm quilting as an income source for 

the ladies in Mazatlan.  They are working on the two long 

arm machines we have in Mazatlan and our rates are very 

competitive.  70% of the money earned doing the long arm

 quilting, goes to the ladies directly.  The other 30% goes to 

the rent of the shop.  If you are interested in more 

information, we will post it.  Linda will take your tops and 

backs to Mexico and return your quilts.  Binding services are 

available also.

Why  we  established  ThriftStitch?


When we established San Francisco Sewing & Quilting Collaborative, Inc. in January 2011, we also established a boutique to sell donated items as a funding source to raise money to bring our programs to SF bay area Community.  


In 2012, we converted the boutique into a fabric store.  With the closing of three California quilt stores in a two week period, (Napa, Hollister and Brentwood), Linda purchased hundreds of bolts of fabric quality quilting fabric. Since our programs require thousands of yards of cotton each year, we always sought ways to stretch our dollars.  Presto - The boutique area was converted to a fabric store.


At this time, we re-branded our name, from one that no one could remember, to ThriftStitch – our fabric store and QuiltWorks – our quilting studio.


The funds raised at ThriftStitch and QuiltWorks were solely to provide funds for our programs.  We were established as a volunteer run non-profit and to help raise funds necessary to demonstrate public support.  Over the years we worked with several programs to have interns working in our store to help establish consistent hours and sales.  This proved not to be a fit for us. 


ThriftStitch has also enabled us to establish wholesale relationships with major fabric brands.  We are able to purchase at wholesale, stretching our dollars.  As a store, we pay sales taxes, as every store does on our sales.   


All fees earned by quilting were considered donations to the non-profit as well.


At the same time, we are able to provide wholesale priced fabric to other non-profits and schools, such as Women’s Resource Center, Quilts of Valor, and an additional variety of schools and non-profits through out the bay area seeking donations of fabric, quilts or pillowcases as requested.


We provide fabric regularly to many groups we collaborate with such as the St. Anthony Stitchers, Homeless Prenatal Program, Pacifica Quilt Guild, Ryan’s Smiles, and others. 


What  is  the  role of  ThriftStitch  today?


ThriftStitch Fabric Sales are fundraisers for QuiltWorks Collaborative.  When you purchase fabric at ThriftStitch, you are helping support our programs, provide fabric and items to those in need in our community.  You are shopping with a purpose.


ThriftStitch is a location we “drop-off” of finished items and a location for “pick-up” of kits to make those items we provide to our community. 


Our goal is to hold a three-day fundraiser fabric sale each 4 – 6 weeks.  They will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, hopefully to include everyone’s schedules to come and shop.


Our first fundraising sale will be held 12 – 5pm on

Thursday, June 1 

Friday, June 2 

Sat. , June 3

Flyer to follow………….


For many San Franciscans with limited area to do their volunteer work, it has also provided a space to gather with other volunteers and make items for our community.  ThriftStitch, located at 2189 Bayshore Blvd., #102, San Francsico, CA  94134 is our corporate headquarters office.


We receive our mail at this address, and maintain our telephone and answering service at this address.  This is our official office.


Please note, new hours:


As of June 2017, ThriftStitch will be open on Thursdays for volunteer work,

 shopping, picking up and dropping off each week.  Our hours will be 12 – 5.  

We are available by appointment for the volunteers as requested.  Please contact if you need to make arrangements to meet at the shop with 

our assistant treasurer, Jay Sagan.


This week I plan on calling each of our major key volunteers to discuss how we can support you, supporting us.  Looking forward to talking with several of you.

2189 Bayshore Blvd.   Suite 102,   San Francisco, CA  415-656-1607


The QuiltWorks Collaborative is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the joys of sewing and quilting and delivering beautiful, handcrafted quilts to comfort those in need. The collaborative operates through three unique programs:

a full-service sewing and quilting studio
a one-of-a-kind discount fabric thrift store 
FABSF logoA virtual boutique offering over 100 quilts for sale  supporting
QuiltWorks Closet. 

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